What the heck is he thinking?

Movie made from still photos. This guy had already made one full circle before I started snapping pictures.

I fixed the video problem and uploaded it to Vimeo, you can still download an MP4 here, if you want.

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    I wasn’t able to view the video in either firefox, or my rss feed reader which uses IE as the browser, nor in IE tab in firefox, but I was able to find the path to the m4v file, download it and view in VLC, with some artifacts.

    What was this rider trying to accomplish?

  2. Keri
    Keri says:

    But he has open pedals and his saddle is so low, he could put both feet flat on the ground while sitting.

    What’s bizarre is that while this guy makes a completely brain-damaged choice here, I saw him earlier riding in a good lane position and merging successfully around some closed lanes… he had looked more competent that the average St Pete biker
    — many of whom are on the sidewalk or riding against traffic.

    There’s a guy in Casselberry who does this in the Publix parking lot while waiting for traffic to clear the entrance intersection. Of course, his unpredictable behavior causes everyone to stop. Then he gets furious and starts waving and cursing at them to go and get out of his way… while he continues riding in circles.

    Has anyone been able to see the embedded video? I changed the file, but everything I try works on my computer so I can’t tell if I’m fixing it.

  3. danc
    danc says:

    Hmmm, doesn’t want to lose momentum, “jogging” in place? Channeling his 8 year year old spirit?

    I don’t see embedded video in Mac Firefox, Safari. I believe Win machines need Quicktime for .mp4, stick with flv.


  4. Rantwick
    Rantwick says:

    I only got it to run by downloading it and running it with quicktime, like danc said. I’m running windows.
    I ride a fixed gear, and still haven’t mastered the track stand after several years… I can however go incredibly slowly. For any longer wait, I’m not shy about putting a toe down or even dismounting to stand on one flat foot.I have also found the one-foot-planted stance useful in conveying to drivers across the intersection who are about to get an advanced green that I’m not about to launch myself into them when their light turns. Does that make any sense?
    I’ve seen several cyclists do the “circle around at the red” thing. It makes them look pretty goofy, if you ask me.

  5. Keri
    Keri says:

    OK, I’m home from St. Pete… I’m going to figure out how to make this thing into an FLV or something importable to YouTube. Whatever setting I used to export from Photoshop are unacceptable to everything but Quicktime.

  6. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    Given flat pedals, I’d have to guess it’s his own unique way of keeping the cars away from him while he waited for the light. I saw a guy do this a couple times at an intersection on my commute, keeping himself confined to the front of the right turn only lane (which he ultimately went straight from, naturally), and it completely befuddled me until I realized he was clipped in (looked like a club rider trying out commuting) and probably just didn’t want to unclip. I’ve never gotten to talk to him, because I’m usually a few cars back in the through lane at the time. (He’s seen me there, though, so I hope at least it makes him think about it.)

    I’ve heard other cyclists talk on occasion about some behavior they’ve come up with to ensure cars give them lots of space, and it usually involves doing something so completely unpredictable, like this guy, that it basically comes down to keeping the motorists guessing about what they’re going to do. I wish they wouldn’t.

    When there’s no compulsion to all follow the same rules, it’s at least interesting to see the variety of creative rules and behaviors that individuals will make up for themselves. 😐

  7. P.M. Summer
    P.M. Summer says:

    It’s the Toy Vehicle Mentality, which has now supplanted the Cycling Inferiority Complex.

    It’s what happens when paint you-know-whats in the public right of way.

  8. Rodney
    Rodney says:

    Can’t zoom in close enough to see if there is foaming at the mouth. Circling is generally a sign of the onset of rabies!

    Salmon Bike Ninjas…..Rabid Cyclists….Whats next?

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