New Bicycle Mapping Tool from Metroplan Orlando


METROPLAN ORLANDO  has launched a new web-based mapping tool for Central Florida’s bicyclists.  This interactive system allows you to create a customized map using streets and paths which best serve your needs.

The mapping system allows you to view several layers of information.  You can turn layers on and off by selecting and expanding elements in the Map Contents window.  Available layers include: trails (shared use paths), streets with bike lanes and paved shoulders, streets with wide curb lanes, interaction levels (a measure of how much interaction with motor traffic the on-roadway bicyclist can expect), short connector paths, overpasses and underpasses, and neighborhood routes.

After you have selected the information layers you need, you can zoom and pan to your geographic area of interest, measure trip distance, and print a customized  map of your creation.

The data for this system has also been updated from the previously available PDF files; the data generally reflects conditions recorded during 2007 & 2008.

(Be sure to check the Help, Legend Explanation and Disclaimer links at the top of the mapping application before contacting us with questions.)

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  1. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Note that when you drill down to lower levels and see the minor streets, they are not listed with a name. I can understand why — it would potentially make the map way too busy.

    However, if you use the MapIdentify icon (“i”) and click on a minor street, and it will then pop-up the name of the street. Thanks to Mighk for pointing this out to me ….

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