“Unconventionable Ideas”

As cycling commuters/utility cyclists, we are helping to do our part to better ourselves and our community.  John O. Anderson, who went car-free in 2002, details family life without the automobile.  Unconventional Ideas shows his articles about such and how life has improved since making the choice to go car-free.

We could use this type and style of thinking to move forward on effecting the change within our own communitites and lives.

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    Thanks Rodney! Some interesting articles… I look forward to reading more of them later.

    I have to say, I am loving the fact that most things around me are quicker to get to by bike. And the 3.2 mile commute is deluxe!

    Now I need to see about having a bike rack installed under the stairwell so I don’t have to keep carrying the bike up and down the stairs. Hey Mighk, how much does it cost to install a simple bike rack (like one of those lollipop-style things)?

  2. Jack B
    Jack B says:

    Great links. It is unfortunate that my area (Arlington, TX) is smack in the middle of two cities with decent (but not great) public transportation systems…Dallas is getting better all the time, so going car free is not feasible for my family. However, I am trying to go car free to and from work.

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