What Americans Want

I wrote this a few days ago and forgot about it. It’s interesting in light of the video Mighk just posted.

In Tuesday’s New York Times, David Brooks took aim at the dreams of urban planners. In I Dream of Denver, he says (among other things):

…Americans still want to move outward. City dwellers are least happy with where they live, and cities are one of the least popular places to live. Only 52 percent of urbanites rate their communities “excellent” or “very good,” compared with 68 percent of suburbanites and 71 percent of the people who live in rural America.

He also takes a poke at Orlando’s lack of scenery, while saying it’s one of the top cities people want to move to.

What’s your reaction to the Pew research findings?
For Nearly Half of America, Grass Is Greener Somewhere Else

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  1. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    Not really on-topic, but the title here reminds me of a recent comment in the Yehuda Moon comic strip. (What, you haven’t heard of http://www.YehudaMoon.com?) Commenters were commenting on recent media reports of problems with the Paris Velolib program, and someone said that bike loan programs don’t work because people don’t take care of things they don’t own, and that they prefer to own instead. Someone else asked if that was true, why is there so much credit card debt in America. The next comment was the truest, I think: Americans buy on credit so they can pretend to own the things that they are renting from the bank. Thus, “what Americans want”. 😉

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