Using the Power of the Bell

The bell is a powerful safety tool.  You never know when its use will be necessary, so I take pleasure in having the right tools for the job.  I hold the same truth for my personal helmet use.

In the Power of the Bell post,  2whls3spds said:

“I have bells on all of my bikes, but am considering an Airzounds for the “pedestrians” that insist on walking 4 abreast on the MUP with their Ipods cranked up…”

Doing my part

I experience this problem with peds on the MUP’s, sidewalk crossings, and with motorists as well.  I do my duty by alerting with my IncrediBell. For those “special” people that like to hear it loud, and not follow the rules of the MUP’s, they are consciously taking their safety and well being (and that of others) for granted. In my opinion, be careful for what you ask, you may just get it!

One side note:  sometimes the bell will alert the ped and they will actually walk into your path as you pass  on the left.  Human nature?  Or did they not read and understand the rules of the MUP?  Kinda think it is the latter.

Thankfully, I have not been in a  cyclist vs. ped accident, but can only imagine the outcome possibilities.  It could very well be similar to that of minor car vs. cyclist situations.  All in all, when I use the MUP’s and ring my bell, the peds are mostly grateful to me for announcing my presence and safely passing.

As a commuter, I am constantly re-evaluating my situational awareness. Very important if I desire to arrive safe, on time, and in one piece.

Speaking another language

At times when I can’t operate my bike without the use of both hands, the bell makes a fine substitute for a friendly wave.  Toddlers and small children get a kick out of hearing the bell and waving back with such big grins!  Kinda makes your day to a degree!

Use the bell, horn, whistle, or whatever tool you deem correct and necesary.  Be safe out there.  Tailwinds!