Making Friends

The internet is a storehouse of tips, tricks, gimmicks, and neat ideas.  I found out that our very own Mighk had ample time on his hands back in 2007 and one of his posts on the FBA Blogspot stood out above the rest.

Haven’t thought about it quite like this

I have seen this done before in other settings, but didn’t realize the impact it could have towards the cycling community.  Making Friends is a great idea and one activity I could see myself participating in on a regular basis.  Since I started commuting and found the great resources like, Florida Bicycle association, and other true cycling advocates, I have learned much about safety and proper driving of my bicycle.

We are special to someone

Many motorists see cyclists as an annoyance or inconvenience to their motoring about town.  The real truth of the matter is that we are Husbands, Wives, Fathers, Mothers, Co-Workers, Friends, and Family members.  The success or failure of society depends on each and every one of us.   Our choice of transport mode does not make us any less of a person.

“By the time they got to the last sign, they got it,” Ballard said.

Drivers seemed to identify with the message, “Please drive as if you know us — because it just might be true.”

We are equals so lets give it a try!

Same Roads, Same Rights, and Same Rules basically sums up that cyclists are equals to motorists when it comes to using our roads.  After reading Mighk’s excellent post, who would be interested in giving this a try on our commute routes?

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