Orlando Bike Co-op Fundraiser

Orlando cyclists have started to put plans in motion for an Orlando Bike Co-op. They have parts, and they have people, all they need now is the capital.  This first event will be part of the Milk District’s BBQ this Saturday (Bumby and Robinson, in the parking lot behind Beta). They’ll be offering bike repair services as well as some buttons for sale. The Milk District crew will also have their products for sale as well. Best of all, free Vegan dogs!

What exactly is the Orlando Bike Co-op? From their blog:

The project referred to as the “Orlando Bicycle Collective” is an effort, by cyclists and other community activists to make more accessible bicycles, tools and the knowhow required to maintain a bike – especially to those marginalized by the cost of bicycles and bike repair, as well as those marginalized by inexperience or the general patriarchal nature of most bicycle shops. “Orlando Bicycle Collective” is not the name of the collective (as we’ve yet to decide on a name). We intend to be “education-based” with showing “customers” how to fix their bikes. As such, we will have tools and parts available, as well as “build/earn a bike” programs and bicycle maintenance workshops. We hope, once the place is open, to be a positive influence on the community.

The BBQ will be from 12-7 on January 17th. Head over to their blog for more details, as well as to learn more about the Orlando Bike Co-op.

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  1. Mighk
    Mighk says:

    Also, my wife would like to sell her jewelry at the fundraiser and donate 25 percent of sales. She has art-glass jewelry imported from the Czech Republic and Amazon rainforest seed jewelry imported from Brazil. Prices range from $5 to $35.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    I’ve been by their mini-warehouses a couple of times to see what they are doing. I saw young men and a few young women working on old, cheap bikes. Fixing them up so they could be ridden again.

    Sure is hot out there.

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