Alternative Transportation Featured in Today’s Orlando Sentinel

Photo of our very own Andrewp (by Red Huber, ORLANDO SENTINEL)

Andrew Harrell, 50, rides his bicycle at the end of his 12-mile commute to work in downtown Orlando from Winter Park on Monday, October 27. Automobile traffic in Orlando has dropped by an average of 2 percent as the slow economy and high gas prices make more people cut back on their driving. Harrell says that he figures he saves $150 a month on gas by commuting on his bicycle

Read the article by Dan Tracy:

As drivers park cars, Orlando-area traffic thins out

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  1. andrewp
    andrewp says:


    On the front page, and I’m not even wearing handcuffs …….. 😉

    Hey, at least I’m showing it can be done …… 🙂

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    My wife remembers when the popular kids putted around Winter Park on Vespas. That was the hot ride.

    I remember the kids getting 49cc “motorcycles” when they turned 15 to replace their bicycles. They could drive one of those on a learner’s permit.

    I also remember a similar story circa 1978 about people commuting to jobs in downtown or at Martin (gasp!) all the way from CLERMONT! It began like this,
    “Every morning, at 7:15, Joe Blow starts his car for the long journey to work. . . . When asked why he doesn’t mind driving so far he says, ‘Well, it wasn’t so nice until I bought a heavier car with A/C and a radio. Besides I bought a house with twice the square footage for half the price and with gas at 60 cents a gallon, I get to live somewhere nicer and save money!'”

    Dan Tracy probably remembers writing stories like that.

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