Did you feel it?

That hint of fall in the air this morning? Ah, the promise of hospitable weather just around the corner!

Winter! When I can get to the end of the driveway without being soaked with sweat at 7 AM. When I don’t have to spend the first mile of my trip wiping condensation off my glasses and mirror. When making a quick trip to Walgreens on the bike doesn’t require a change of clothes and a shower.

It’s almost here. I felt it this morning.

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  1. Brock
    Brock says:

    I felt it! I felt it! The strange thought of arm warmers, a long time from now, actually crossed my mind!!! Bizarre…..

  2. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Yup — noticing that it’s a little darker in the morning as well. New dynamo lighting system about to be realized on my bike — will report how it works once all in place ….

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