Sometimes I forget . . .

how lucky we are that we have police bicycle training. When I read a story like this one from near Austin, Texas I am reminded about it.

The Sheriff’s  deputy thought he was being smart by riding on the wrong side of the road so that he could see an oncoming car. A car was oncoming, but he didn’t see it.

What bothers me is that the newspaper and TV station don’t see that anything unusual happened except a tragic accident. Here and Here.

And they don’t take the opportunity to remind people to ride on the correct side of the road.

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    I read the three articles about the same crash (not accident) and nothing at all about how wrong everything is. One person posted a comment about tailgating, which is the initial cause of the crash. If the driver who struck the bicycle rider was not tailgating, he would not have had to swerve onto the shoulder. If the bicycle rider was not on the wrong side of the road, he likely would not have been hit, or the severity would have been reduced.

    Of course, there had to be a comment posted about how bicycles should not be on the road. I think if it had not been for a senseless loss of like, there would have been more anti-bicycle comments. I withheld posting a comment for that reason. Regardless of the reason for the crash and death, any crash caused by incompetence is senseless.

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