The Unrelenting Wind

Had enough yet?

I was half way to work yesterday, feeling like superwoman, by the time I realized it wasn’t all me. Duh.

We all know the price for the tailwind on the way to work. Nothing makes a headwind into a sufferfest faster than a wide-open road and I was in no mood for a sufferfest on my way home last night.

Friday evening I had explored an alternate route that would be a good low-volume option for the days I really don’t feel like playing in traffic. It’s longer than my regular route, but it’s very pleasant. It also turns out to be mostly shady and somewhat wind-sheltered, too. I used it last night and enjoyed an almost effortless ride home.

I also exchanged pleasantries with at least a dozen people walking dogs and a cute little girl on a tiny pink bicycle.

Here’s the route:
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It’s not exactly what I did last night because I decided to stop over at Retro City Cycles on my way out and test ride the Surly (Sweet! More on that later.)

Another way to deal with wind is to hook up with a group ride on the way home and suck wheel for a few miles. That was my plan tonight, but I didn’t get out of the office in time.