Bike = Appliance?

From Dutch Bikes Seattle:

Here at Dutch Bike Seattle we sell appliances. Most bike shops sell sporting goods. This partially explains our curious look and lack of precise answer when you ask one of us “how much does this bike weigh?”

In the world of appliances weight isn’t so important. Durability, utility, ease of use and comfort are important. In the world of sporting goods, weight, speed and technology are important. If you are shopping for a city bike, we imagine you are not racing (or racing others) to get to where you’re going. I venture to say you wouldn’t buy a five pack of beer to save twelve ounces in your panniers to make the ride home faster.

It is precisely this “sporting” point of view that keeps many from entering or re-entering the ranks of the everyday cyclists. Many may feel daunted (especially if they are out of shape or practice) by the special uniforms, shoes, computers and technical knowledge which accompany the bicycle sporting goods industry and practice.

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A reader/prospective customer seems unconvinced:

so, the concern isn’t about how many sacks of flour i can carry home from safeway. rather, it’s if i am going to be able to take the bike on a vacation, can i get it to the roof of the car without killing myself? the jury is still out on that one.

And the reply:

That’s exactly the point of this post. You wouldn’t load your washing machine on your car and take it on vacation….that’s not the purpose of Dutch/European bikes.

Utility bikes are meant to be ridden around town – to the store, to work, to the local pub and to the movies. You leave it in your garage and when you need to go some where, instead of getting in your car, you hop on your sweet bike and go. And you ride with comfort and in style!

If you want to take a bike on vacation, you take a “sporting bike”

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    Crazy pricing. The Dutch bike frames and most parts on them are made in China, just like the Treks and just like the Pacific Cycles.

    Makes no sense to me.

  2. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Even their standard bikes are over $1,000. Kind of goes against the grain of a bike you’d leave outside to the elements and/or potential loss from theft …..

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