Road Hazards

Eric mentioned sticks. There are lots of them out there and those little ones are likely to be a nuisance for days. There are lots of branches, leaves, sand piles and puddles, too. Many of the residential streets still have debris all the way across because they don’t have enough traffic volume to sweep it aside. The bike lanes catch all the debris swept aside on higher-volume roads (fulfilling their purpose of keeping all things undesirable out of the way of more important people).

The ground is saturated, so every rain shower now results in standing water on the road. I was on several roads this afternoon where the right half of the lane was underwater. I also saw a lot of new potholes today—all this rain has left some craters in the pavement large enough to swallow your front wheel. Do not ride through standing water—you don’t know what’s in there! Even if you know the road well, its condition may have changed in the past few days. Remember, you are entitled to the full use of the lane. No matter how wide the lane is, it is not “practicable” to ride through debris or standing water.

Be careful out there.