Your “Secret” Routes

Most of you have seen the Orlando Bikeways map available either in print, PDF or now, Google Earth format. This map is intended to show cycling conditions for the arterial and collector roads (as well as the paved trails), but there are many popular routes used by many cyclists using strings of local streets, and even some parking lots and sidewalk cut-throughs. One good example is the route from the western terminus of the Cady Way Trail to the Livingston St. bike lanes; it uses local streets and shopping center parking lots.

I can compile such routes into a single layer that can be added to the Google Earth file, but I need your help in identifying them.

You can draw your favorite routes in Google Earth and save and e-mail them to me at mwilson at

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    You can open any MapMyRide Route as a kml file, just view the route and click the link for “View this route in 3D (Google Earth)” Download and save the kml file and send it to Mighk!

    And don’t forget to add your route in the Commute Orlando group!

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    I don’t know how to draw a route in Google Earth. Maybe Mighk can tell us what plug in we need to do that?

  3. Mighk
    Mighk says:

    No plug-in needed. The top toolbar in Earth has a button called Add Path. Click it (wait for a dialogue box to open) name the route, then draw it on the map. Double-click to end your route.

    When completed, right-click the item in the Places box and select E-mail.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Not working for me. Can’t pan when I have the add path popup open. I can close the popup and can pan fine, but no route being recorded.

  5. Mighk
    Mighk says:

    To pan in the midst of drawing, move your cursor to the navigation panel and use the circular pan tool (hand symbol in the middle), then you can return to drawing your route.

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