New Product for the Shower-challenged Bike Commuter

Check out this BikeRadar article about a new showerless body cleaner for bike commuters:

Rocket Shower includes witch hazel, a small amount of alcohol, citrus, mint and vitamin E. Delivered via pump sprayer, it cleans by helping evaporate sweat quickly and killing the bacteria that cause body odor. Peppermint and grapefruit oils cool the skin and lend a fresh, clean fragrance.

Sounds delicious.

Rocket Shower was formulated to effectively clean the body without additional water, making it easy for sweaty people in any situation to clean up quickly and conveniently.

Yeah but, have they tested it on Florida Sweat?

A lot of people don’t have shower facilities at work, this might be a good alternative to the bird bath in the washroom sink. And even if you do have a shower, it’s not like most of us can take a shower after lunch or every errand. Heck, now we might even be allowed to sit inside a restaurant at lunch!

Product info:

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