Tap your feet and sing along…

Nothing pulls me out of an over-worked funk like a fun bike music video… I don’t care what language it is:

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  1. LisaB
    LisaB says:

    Catchy tune. What are they saying? Heal my feet?

    I can only dream of such a scene as I commute down Conway Rd. during rush hour.

  2. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    That’s a great video! The bike is called a bakfiets = box-bike = cargo-bike. The rest of the words are beyond me. Those people look like they are having just so much fun!

    This link is a little “scary” but it’s another non-US music video, extolling the freedom of cycling, specifically that of riding a velomobile:


    The translation is not perfect.

    Within my Velomobil I only do what I´m pleased
    nobody is bending my ears
    nobody asks me what´s this is all about
    Inside my VM nothing is too much for me
    I don`t have to think too much
    I can steer on my own
    It never gives me good advice
    It is always there for me
    Inside my VM you can have wonderful dreams
    Inside my VM I don´t have to understand anything
    Time ist standing still
    I am near to heaven
    and all my dreams come true
    Inside my VM I forget toiling and moiling
    the wind rushes around my head
    I feel sexy and free
    It is so familiar to me and
    and clings smoothely to my skin
    And when I am sick and tired of it all
    I jump into it and I dash away
    Inside my VM I feel weightless
    Time simply stands still
    I get nearer to heaven and my dreams come true
    When I am brassed off with the world
    my VM will probably take off with me
    When everything goes wrong and I can`t stand it any longer
    It folds out its wings and flies away with me

  3. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    Since it was stolen at the end, she probably won’t be escaping in her velomobile!

    Pretty strange video. With less clothing, it could become a “mature audience” sort of music video. Definitely Euro-punk something.

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