David Byrne Makes Bike Commuting Sexier

New York City has a bike parking problem, but instead of installing boring old bike racks, they’re having a contest to design bike racks that are art.

Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says the spiced-up racks go a long way to making bike commuting a little “sexier.” “Bike racks don’t all have to look like they’re handcuffs grabbing onto the concrete,”

Here’s the video from the Wall Street Journal article

Mr. Byrne, who has been biking around Manhattan for 30 years, has also lent his support to promote new initiatives such as closing down New York City streets for cycling and recreation on Saturdays in August. The singer brings his bike all over the world while on tour, and has commuted in cities such as Manila and Istanbul.

(But would someone please tell him to stay out of the door zone?)

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    It’s certainly encouraging to see a celebrity promoting anything to do with cycling. I was amused at the statement about bike racks looking like handcuffs stuck in the ground and was surprised that one of Mr. Byrnes’ racks wasn’t a set of replica handcuffs for the sidewalk near a police station.

    I noticed also the Door Zone Bike Lanes and that one of the riders would stay clear of them. Luckily there are no such animals in this area, but I’d look at the stripe as the distance to remain clear, not the area in which to ride!

    New York City is a different country for cyclists though.

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