Utility Bicycles and Draft Horses

have a lot in common.

Utility bicycles are heavy, slow and a bit unwieldy. They are the “work horses” of the cycling world.

Real work horses, draft horses, are heavy, slow, a bit unwieldy when pulling a wagon and they tend to eat a lot.

Knowing these things, I read this post in the Christian Science Monitor with a heavy heart:

So, who doesn’t benefit from this energy-saving mode of transportation? Ask Ben and Buck, our draft horses, who vacuumed up the last of the grain with their thick lips four days ago. I regale them with carrots, caresses, and excuses when they come to the barn for their daily ration.

But their beseeching and expectant eyes turn more accusatory each time I don’t deliver. I can’t explain to them the conundrum of delivering a 50-pound bag of sweetened oats on a bicycle.

Folks just don’t get it yet.