Bike Commuter’s Fantasy

Most of us would be thrilled to have a shower at the office.

Imagine having a locker room, secure bike parking, free emergency taxi service, bus passes. That would be great! How ’bout a free bike (with fenders, lights, rack & helmet thrown in), and free classes on bike handling and roadside maintenance. Need a car at work? Well, there are Zip Cars available too.

But it’s not a fantasy.

That’s the program at Seattle Children’s Hospital. They’re hoping to encourage 10% of their employees to commute to work by bike. There are plenty of other commuting options, too.

Commute Program

  • Transit, ferry, Sounder train and vanpool subsidy
  • Carpool, bicycle and walking commute bonuses
  • Reserved priority HOV parking
  • Discounted carpool and vanpool parking
  • Internal ridematch service
  • Covered bicycle parking
  • Showers and lockers
  • Bike repair station
  • Telework and compressed workweeks
  • Onsite Flexcar

The hospital’s commuting program is used by 62% of its employees (only 38% drive to work alone). When you factor in the cost of a parking space, all these alternative transportation subsidies should actually save the hospital money. Bike commuter Gretchen Anderson, says:

“Basically, Children’s buys back a parking space from us for using alternate commute modes.”

Listen to a radio report here.

Read more about Children’s employee transportation coordinator, Stephanie Innis here.