A good week on the bike

Yehuda Moon

Cartoon from Yehuda Moon by Rick Smith.

After driving to West Palm last Saturday, I was determined not to touch my car until Thursday (when I knew I would need it). I rode 4 of 5 days, ran errands on the way home and only used the car on Thursday.

I’m getting used to the heat.

I’m definitely noticing more transportation cyclists. But not fewer cars. I was riding during off-peak hours several times this week and was surprised at the endless lines of cars on roads like Lakemont Ave. Where are they going?

Another thing I’ve been noticing is a slightly higher percentage of very courteous drivers.

In my years of riding, I’ve observed that most drivers are ambivalent or tuned-out, a small percentage are aware and kind and an equally small percentage are aware and mean.

I had one mean-person moment this week. That makes 2 in a month’s time. Not bad, really, considering the number of miles I ride.

I had a lot more remarkable nice-person encounters this week than I could count—people slowing to let me merge, following and passing with extra courtesy, smiles and waves, etc. It was almost like they all read our motorist page, but it doesn’t get that many hits 😉

Is it the luck of the draw? Some fortuitous planetary alignment? Increased awareness because bicycles are in the news? Are they looking at the gas station sign and thinking, “that might be me next week?”

Whatever the cause, the exceptional civility really increases the enjoyment of cycling and makes me want to use my car even less.

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    I saw you yesterday wearing your international green City shirt. Making a right from Lakemont to Glenridge using the bike lane.

    During low traffic times the drivers are pretty good around here, even swinging wide while passing a bike in the bike lane, but when traffic builds up around 3 pm, all bets are off. They figure their time is more important than your safety.

  2. Keri
    Keri says:

    There were 2 of us commuting together yesterday in bright green shirts. When making a right from Lakemont to Glenridge, I always use the right-turn lane. The bike lane disappears on the other side of the corner, and the cars cut the corner.

    The funny thing about high traffic times is that motorists don’t actually gain anything with impatient actions. The ones that stay behind me catch up to the ones in front of me at the next traffic light

  3. MaryLu
    MaryLu says:

    I really think the people in the cars actually are starting to ADMIRE
    us. I actually got a friendly toot on the horn, from a driver in a
    BIG van.

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