Commuter Company Profile: LaserVue

The LaserVue team on Bike2Work Day: Dr. Magruder, Dr. Harris, Cassie Abear, Tamara Driesse & Bailey Magruder

The enthusiasm of a bike commuter is infectious!

When long-time bike commuter Brock Magruder, Jr. built his new surgery center, he made sure to provide a shower and secure bike parking. Now two more of his staff have become regular riders, and several doctors and nurses at Orlando Aesthetic Center (downstairs) are riding to work as well.

On Bike2Work Day, Dr. Harris joined
Dr. Magruder on his tandem, and four other members of the team rode their bikes to work. They proudly shared their stats:

Miles = 13
Calories burned = 500
Estimated gas savings = $3.25

Miles = 10.6
Calories burned = 400
Estimated gas savings = $3.00
“it only takes 15 minutes longer on a bike!”

Miles = 10
Calories = 442
Estimated gas savings = $4.00

Miles = 19
Calories burned = 700 (at least)
Estimated gas savings = $4.00

I met Dr. Magruder several years ago when I decided to be free of the glasses I’d worn since 4th grade (I should have done that sooner!). At that time, the LaserVue center was near ORMC. His commute was 24 miles round trip from Maitland. The new facility in College Park is just 8 miles from home—but there are plenty of options to extend the ride on a pleasant evening.

Dr. Magruder has outfitted a Rivendell Atlantis touring bike for his ride. The classic steel bike sports a Brooks saddle, mustache bars wrapped with leather and twine, fat tires, fenders with serious mud flaps, a sturdy rear rack with a Jandd briefcase pannier on one side and a grocery pannier on the other. (see more photos in the Gallery.)

To light the way on those dark winter mornings, he uses a helmet-mounted Night Rider Flight. I can attest to its brightness,
Dr. Magruder rolled up behind me one evening at a traffic light, I thought he was a truck!

“I do like to see the potholes and irregularities of the many brick streets on my route.”

The helmet mount also comes in handy for getting the attention of motorists at cross-streets. He uses a flashing red tail light on the back of the rack, and another on the back of his helmet. He’s applied reflective tape to the bike as well.

When asked what motivated him to commute by bike, he told me lack of parking at the old office was the final kick in the butt. But as many of us have discovered, the initial motivation is soon replaced by the other joys and benefits of riding a bike to work.

“I love watching the sunrise over Lake Sue in the mornings in the spring and fall. And I really love car-free days. I notice I am more relaxed and less frazzled.”

He also enjoys riding in the rain (always better on the way home).

“It makes me feel like a little kid.”