Proposed new signs and markings (1)

Rather than make one big post, I am breaking these up.

This is from the proposed amendments to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). The comment period is open until July 31.

Section 9B.06 Bicycles May Use Full Lane Sign (R4­11)

The Bicycles May Use Full Lane (R4­11) sign (see Figure 9B­2) may be used on roadways where no bicycle lanes or adjacent shoulders usable by bicyclists are present and where travel lanes are too narrow for bicyclists and motor vehicles to operate side by side.

The Bicycles May Use Full Lane sign may be used in locations where it is important to inform road users that bicyclists might occupy the travel lane.

The Uniform Vehicle Code (UVC) defines a “substandard width lane” as a “lane that is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side within the same lane.”


The deadline for comments on this proposed revised MUTCD is Thursday, 31 July 2008. To submit a comment, simply go to the website and search on “28977” (the regulatory number assigned to the new MUTCD). Then follow the instructions on the webpage. Note: When submitting comments, it’s usually a good idea to provide thorough justification for for proposed revisions to the draft MUTCD content, and include references or citations to applicable research or studies as needed.

View submitted comments for docket FHWA-2007-28977