Feel the Momentum

Typically, bicycle news stories pick up in the spring as daylight hours increase and weather becomes hospitable for cycling in most of the U.S. However, this year there were plenty of winter stories of intrepid bike commuters making their way though the snow and ice.

This spring’s surge of bike commuting stories bears a much stronger theme – the price of fuel. For many people, the monthly cost of fuel is becoming equal to a car payment.

We all expect bike commuting to be in the media in towns like Portland, Seattle and Boulder. But what about Florence, AL and Bismark, ND?

Here’s a small sampling from the last few weeks:

Florence, AL
Father takes to bike to save gas

With gas prices hitting record highs, what’s a family to do? In Infanger’s case, leave the minivan at home and take to the road on his bicycle.

The photos are priceless!

Cincinnati, OH:
More Tri-state Commuters Shift To Bikes

As Tri-state gas prices set new records, more people are garaging their cars and doing their commuting and shopping by bicycle.

Bismark, ND
Higher gasoline prices not an issue for pedalers

Dale Heinert began commuting to work by bicycle when the price of gas began skyrocketing – in 1973.

The fit 56-year-old said he’s encountering an increasing number of bicycle commuters along his mile or so one-way daily trek.

“With gas prices going up, I’m seeing more than usual,” Heinert said.

Sacramento, CA:
Soaring fuel prices nudge more commuters to pump bike pedals, not gas

Talk all you want about carbon footprints. Save the planet?

A noble sentiment, indeed, but saving hard-earned cash was the bigger concern for Raymond McCarty when he ditched his diesel-guzzling truck and a month ago began pedaling his bike to and from work.