Orlando Makes the Top 100! Again!

It seems as though every morning brings us news about hit and…

A Great Example

By now you've probably seen the video from Colorado of the motorist…

Hostility in Winter Park

This is my route to the Winter Park Farmers Market. It’s almost entirely residential streets, connected by the Mead Garden Trail. It’s not a route on which I would expect to be aggressively intimidated.

Salute to a Heroic Bus Operator

A driver attempting to flee after hitting a bicyclist in Bethlehem,…

Honesty takes a holiday

This case came across my radar today. It involves the case of…

Free Raquel Nelson: Mom of Hit & Run Victim

Originally posted on My [Urban] Generation On the day of sentencing…

Release Raquel Nelson and Install a Crosswalk!

You may have already read about Raquel Nelson. If not, prepare…

In a Split Second

It takes only a split second of inattention to transform the mundane into the terrifying. I am certain that the young man who struck down Robert Paul King in an instant of distraction would dearly love to have that split second back. But he can never get it back.

Anti-Harassment Ordinance Gives Civil Court Advantage

The City of Los Angeles has released a new ordinance to help bicyclists recover damages for harassment and assault. It is pending approval by the city council. You can read about it and download the ordinance itself here.

Justice in Numbers

The cycling community rallies and a driver gets 90 days in jail for hit-and-run involving bicyclist. Angelina Everett hit Ed Magos with her SUV in downtown L.A., kept driving and called police more than an hour later. The jail time — rare for bike hit-and-runs — is a victory for cycling-safety advocates.