Living in Winter Park, with all the bricked streets is an adventure.…

Crazy Cargo Contraptions

Last night I was introduced to the Pedal Powered Fanatic and his collection of crazy cargo contraptions. I thought you might enjoy them so I took some photos and video with my iPhone.

A Quiet Revolution in Bicycles: Recapturing a Role as Utilitarian People-Movers

I ran across this article written by Dr. Morgan Giddings recently,…

Want Respect on The Road? Ride a Recumbent

I will preface my remarks by stating this is not a report…

Christmas Wish List – Bike Lights

My family asks me every year what I want for Christmas and I…

Buy/Sell/Trade Your Bike Gear – Free!

My longtime cycling buddy, Julie Mills, has created a new national…

Magically Morphing Multi-Use Bicycle Trailer

Just the other day as I was grocery shopping, I was thinking how cool it would be if I could use my cargo trailer as a grocery cart. Len Rubin had the same thought, and more. Check out this ingenious thing. I want one!

The Coolest Part of Your Disaster Kit

.......YOUR BICYCLE!  Yes, that's RIGHT, your bicycle. Here…

Fill that grocery cart!

I love my trailer. Thank you, Diana! Today I went to the…

Bicycle tires – puncturing the myths

This is an interesting article from about an…