Amplifying Dysfunction

/ Terrific video by ronconcocacola.…

Who Wooda Thunkit?

So I open my Google News this morning and this headline catches…

Bicycle Flash Mob Orlando Video

Enjoy the video of yesterday's Mayor's Bike To Work Day, led by Orlando's Buddy Dyer from Infusion Tea in College Park, through downtown, to City Hall.

This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Seriously! I didn't intend to have a mindset change or get this…

Bicycle Flash Mob Orlando — May 6

Join Bike/Walk Central Florida and be a part of history!…

roads or people?

Dear Senator Simmons, I live in your district and I wanted…

Bikes Make a Difference

Pedals for Progress, Bikes Not Bombs, Re~Cycle, Bikes for the…

The Bicycling Apocalypse: A Manifesto of Liberation Over Segregation

Bicycling in the United States suffers from a failure of imagination. Failures of imagination usually grow out of a sense that the current situation is unchangeable. Cultures often create such a sense of inevitability inadvertently, but in some cases it’s due to an intentional effort by some to maintain the status quo.

Boy cyclist attacked by man and daughter in pickup truck in DeKalb

From Atlanta's Journal Constitution: A 45-year-old man is…

8 Customers per Parking Space

"We are traffic! Let's eat!" said Brad. It was raining…