Plenty of Parking Available

Driving around this year has been pure misery. Sitting…

Ride a Bullitt and Other Awesome Bikes at SE Cycling Expo

SouthEast Cycling Expo is this Saturday! I will give…

Spokes People — Bike-umentary

Yay! It's finally on Youtube! Two…

Second Class in Toronto

Downtown Toronto’s streets are very clearly not for people…

Southeast Cycling Expo

You Don't Want to Miss the Excitement!   SOUTHEAST CYCLING…

Let’s Choose Possibility!

In this video presentation, I explain the root cause of the beliefs that inhibit bicycling in America, why the prevailing strategy can't fix it, and offer a strategy that can.

You Can’t Bring that Bike in Here!

Tom Snyders, The Bicycling Comedian, is coming to town! "You…

Happy Bike to School Day

In honor of National Bike to School Day, here are the Colonial High School kids.

The Pioneer of Women’s Specific Bicycles

/ Twenty-three years ago, my 4'10"…

Colonial Bike Club Proposed Trail

Where you ride your bike is a civil rights issue--fifty years…