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(Sigh) Second-Class Yet Again

So, being a good treehugger, I strapped our old, busted (the tree-trimming crew dropped a limb on it) TV antenna to Lakshmi for a trip to the metals recycling company on Kaley near Division. But when I pulled up to the gate, the attendant told me they cannot take anything but aluminum cans from people […]

Free Speech by Bike

Turns out the standard campaign yard sign frame fits perfectly into the frame and bags of the Xtracycle.  Curious to see what kind of reactions I get on the road…


I believe cycling is better governed by principles and by social contract than by laws, but of course that’s just wishful thinking. Cyclists and motorists will inevitably violate both, so we need the law (and law enforcers) to protect us. Take queue-jumping; the practice of passing stopped traffic (motorists). In most situations it’s probably a […]

Why Wait for the Feds? Let’s Make Our Own Incentives

An article in today’s Detroit Free Press shows how some companies (and even one federal agency) have decided not to wait for Congress to figure out how to reward bicyclists for improving their health, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, and reducing congestion. At the National Institutes of Health, workers can get five […]

Your “Secret” Routes

Most of you have seen the Orlando Bikeways map available either in print, PDF or now, Google Earth format. This map is intended to show cycling conditions for the arterial and collector roads (as well as the paved trails), but there are many popular routes used by many cyclists using strings of local streets, and […]

The Bike Bus

Some years ago some cyclists in Australia came up with the idea of the Bike Bus. A group of commuting cyclists rides the same route every weekday with the same schedule. Individual cyclists can join in and drop off wherever they like. A decade ago it was probably a bit of a challenge to plan […]