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Beware the Equinox

Riding in to work on South Street this morning, the sun was blazing in my helmet-mounted mirror.  Ah yes; equinox on the way.  If you remember your astronomy, the sun rises and sets close to due east and west around the time of the equinox.  So if you’re traveling one of those straight east/west roads, […]

Supply & Demand

This is the best thing I’ve seen explaining why gasoline prices are so volatile these days, and why prices will eventually start climbing again, and keep on climbing. Gas Prices, Gas Gouging, Peak Oil, Elasticity, Supply Demand

Fun With Florida Statutes

While teaching a recent Alternative Transportation course for the Florida Safety Council, one student looked at my treadless bike tires and commented that I could be cited for “bald tires.”  I explained that tread is not nearly as important for a bicycle tire as for a motor vehicle tire.  You probably can’t hydroplane a bike […]

Howey-in-the-Hills Bike Lanes

In today’s Sentinel is this brief.  Now, I haven’t ridden the roads in question for many years, but a quick glance at Google Maps shows that it hasn’t changed much.  Revels and Lakeshore are very quiet, low volume roads.  They’re already perfect for cycling.  Perhaps the folks in Howey need to hear that they should […]

DIY Door Zone Warning

Seems not all Portland, OR cyclists blindly subscribe to the government line on bike lane door zones.  Some safety-conscious cyclists have made the point rather clearly and shared it with their fellow cyclists exactly where and when they need to see it (what social marketers call an “interrupt”). I think the graphic could be a […]

Possible Right Hook Countermeasure?

I’ve been reading the book Permaculture by David Holmgren on and off for a while, and one of the concepts that has stuck with me is “The problem is the solution.”  For some reason that popped into my head this morning while biking in to work, as well as the problem of right hooks and […]

Don’t Skimp on Locks

Particularly if you’re parking your bike at work, you can’t have enough security.  Our office complex is a good example; bike thieves have found our location offers a nice selection of good quality bikes. Earlier this year they cut the hasps off of two of our bike locker locks.  Fortunately it was overnight and no […]

Changing the Cultural Norm

I’m reading Tom Vanderbilt’s “Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us)” (probably the longest subtitle I’ve ever see on a book…).  Anybody who spends any amount of time in traffic (um, that’s pretty much everybody) would find the book fascinating.  He spends some time talking about driving cultures […]

Avid Cyclist to Head Obama Administration Transportation Department

According to Politico.com, Oregon’s Earl Blumenaur and Minnesota’s Jim Oberstar are on the short list for US Secretary of Transportation.  Both are avid cyclists and long-time proponents of federal cycling programs.  Oberstar is already in line to become the chair of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee.  I’ve also heard that Obama himself, while not […]