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2030 Transportation Plan Public Hearing

METROPLAN ORLANDO is holding a public hearing to seek input on future transportation plans in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.  The hearing includes highway, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects that make up the region’s proposed 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan. Tuesday, July 28 2030 Long Range Transportation Plan Lynx Central Station, 2nd floor 455 North […]

It Can Happen Here, Too

From The Columbine (CO) Courier: Amid the controversy over a proposed charity bicycle event on Deer Creek Canyon Road, the Jeffco commissioners will propose state legislation that would give them more authority to bar cyclists from some county roads altogether. Conflict between motorists and cyclists is nothing new on the canyon roads west of South […]

Supreme Cyclists

Hearing that more and more members of our highest levels of government are bicyclists is encouraging.  From the Associated Press, news that Supreme Court candidate Sonia Sotomayor is a bicyclist: “She’s a very human person,” [Democrat Chuck] Schumer told reporters after their meeting. They talked New York, he said. “She’s a bicycle rider, I’m a […]

Direct Them Here…

I’ve gotten the question (or argument) so many times.  Variations on “Why do you insist on bicycling on the road?…You have no business being on the road…blah blah blah.” So I’ve put all my answers together in one place.  Point your browser to: http://mighkwilson.com/benefits/why-bicyclists-use-roadways/ If you bookmark it you can then easily reference it and […]

Traveling in the Realm of Very Big — and Very Small — Numbers

In the comments for the post How do we get from here to there? I asked readers to estimate how many miles they’ve biked in what they considered to be a “vehicular cycling” manner, and how many motorist-related crashes they’d experienced in those miles. Here are the results (which are of course not scientific, but […]

New Frames for New Ages

A (rather long) essay reflecting on the book Fighting Traffic by Peter D. Norton (MIT Press, 2008) The street is an extremely important symbol because your whole enculturation experience is geared around keeping you out of the street.  “Just remember: Look left, look right, look left again… No ball games… Don’t talk to strangers… Keep […]

Back at It With My Own Blog

For those of you who don’t have enough cycling blogs to follow, I’m back up and running at Bicycling is Better, which can be found at http://mighkwilson.com/blog/

Dangerizing Bicycling: The Helmet Episode

I have written in other forums questioning the wisdom of mandatory helmet laws.  I’ll state right up front so nobody gets me wrong — I think bicycle helmets are good.  I wear one.  I encourage others to wear one.  But when the state thinks about saying “You have to wear one” it should really think […]