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Tales from the road

RoadBikeRider, a terrific weekly e-newsletter published by Ed Pavelka and others who once worked for/with Bicycling magazine in Emmaus, Pa., promises an occasional dispatch from newbie commuter Gary Kirkland of Gainesville, Fla. This is for all the commuters out there who are slowly moving out of the gutter one inch at a time…. SLOW GUY […]

The road less traveled

To date, my commute to work (Tuscawilla to Lee Vista Center at 436 and the Beachline) has involved driving part way to Maitland. This shortens the route to 30 miles RT, enables me to travel familiar roads and to join up with my colleague, Tracey F, from time to time. But I want to save […]

Is it a bike or is it a scooter? You decide…

Saw this on Wire.com. Bob Maddox, an artist and cabinetemaker from Medford, Ore., has developed a jet-powered bicycle that goes 50 mph. Who needs Power gels when you’ve got propane, gasoline, kerosene or peanut oil. What do you think?

I just bought a commuter bike!

I never planned to buy a bike dedicated solely to commuting. I already own two road bikes (Litespeed Bella and Specialized Ruby) and a hybrid (complete with a basket), and my kids and husband have bikes, too. How many bikes does one family need? So resistant was I to buying another bike that I retrofitted […]