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All Aboard! Orlando to Miami . . . by Train

From the trade journal Progressive Railroading: A little more than a year ago, Florida Gov. Rick Scott killed the state’s high-speed rail project when he returned federal High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail funds to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Now, a privately owned railroad has plans to implement passenger-rail service connecting Orlando and South Florida. Today, […]

Man in Canada reunited with bicycle

 Stolen bicycle returned to owner after 28 years The Esquimalt resident figured he’d never see his 10-speed Norco bicycle again after it was stolen in broad daylight outside a Victoria pub 28 years ago. . . . Roche, now 49, was 21 years old when he and a friend rode their bikes to a Douglas […]

Too Complicated

I think I am on pretty safe ground when I say that eleven pages shouldn’t be necessary to explain a single, tiny aspect of traffic design to drivers. Yet, that is exactly how many pages the City of Minneapolis used when they published “Bike Lane Basics” complete with diagrams just in case the text doesn’t […]

Orlando Pedestrians Make the NYT

on the front page of the New York area edition. The oft heard blame the tourist argument is always a nice, ironic touch. To them, it sounds like, “If you are dumb enough to come here, we are dumb enough to run over you.” On Wide Florida Roads, Running for Dear Life By LIZETTE ALVAREZ […]

Honesty takes a holiday

This case came across my radar today. It involves the case of a LEO driving a patrol car and striking a pedestrian. Apparently, Brevard County uses two people patrol cars and, well  . . . I’ll let you read the rest and draw your own opinion. County Judge Kelly McKibben acquitted a Brevard County sheriff’s […]

Cycling safety educator gives tips for bikers in Helena

Education for cyclists and motorists alike helps foster a culture of respect for cycling, professional biker educator and advocate Mighk (pronounced “Mike”) Wilson emphasized at his presentation at Carroll College Wednesday evening. Several groups, including Helena Bicycle Club and Safe Ride to School, sponsored Wilson’s trip to Helena, which included a group bike ride around […]

A business model for SunRail?

About 25 years ago, I was in a German city visiting some friends, when the issue of a forgotten birthday came up. It was a Sunday night, and after 7, but there was no problem getting a cake I was told, “We will just go to the train station!” I had my doubts because I […]

Bicycle helmets should not be compulsory, say doctors

From The Telegraph Wearing bicycle helmets should not be mandatory, doctors have said in a surprise finding published in the British Medical Journal. If people are forced to wear helmets they may give up cycling altogether and lose the health benefits of regular exercise, they warned. More than two thirds of the respected journal’s readers […]

A City Manager Sez:

‘You are not allowed to do it unless this commission approves it’ The City Manager of the City of South Miami decides that a group ride is an “event” and needs a permit. “It’s a special event no matter how you cloak it in my determination. We were notified in writing an event was taking […]