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Four Kinds of Pollution

Why Riding a Bike makes Green Sense Do you sometimes ride your bicycle in lieu of driving a car?  Congratulations to you every time that you do!!!  You’re helping the environment and yourself every mile that you cycle vs. ride. Being environmentally sensitive these days seems to to have come in vogue.  If I had to look […]

More Fun in the Dark – Side Lights

A while back, Keri wrote a descriptive article about having fun in the dark with lights.  One of the things that I was thinking about was side reflection, and how most of our lighting is aimed forwards and backwards.   While no one would argue the merits of “been seen” lights on the front and back, what […]

How do we get more cyclists?

I read with interest a Chain Gang article on how bike sharing is taking off in Europe.  While I was thinking about how this might work in certain American cities, it was the last paragraph that really caught my attention. “The critical mass of bikes on the road has pacified traffic,” said Gilles Vesco, vice […]

Cold Morning Commute

I know, I know.  It doesn’t snow like this in Orlando.  But with some of the coldest weather of the season so far upon us, I wondered how everyone did with their commute clothing options …

Ticketed for bike-rack on S.R. 408?

Heard an interesting and possibly disturbing story (if it is really true) from a friend at work.  This concerns an acquaintance of his who recently was taking his car down S.R. 408.  This car was equipped with a Thule bike-rack that plugs into a receiver hitch at the back of the car (not the roof-type) …… […]

Fall Weather Clothing

  Ahhh!!   We made it through Summer, and now we are enjoying the cooler temperatures of Fall!! But, at least for me, dressing for my morning commutes has gotten a little more difficult.   In the Summer, it was easy to pick out clothes for your ride — short pants, short-sleeve breathable shirt, and be prepared to […]