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First Rains of Summer …

It rained on me on the ride home yesterday. I saw one cyclist riding in the rain other than myself.  He was dressed in “roadie attire” on a bike with no fenders.  He was pretty wet with the “dirt stripe” up the back of his jersey …. not enjoying the moment.  But I was quite […]

Police Have it Wrong: Traffic Flow vs. Safety

Have you ever had one of those “epiphany moments” when something that was always obvious –yet subtly hidden– then explodes into your consciousness and you experience the  light-bulb “AHA!! Yes!! Of Course!!!” moment? It happened to me at the most recent Florida Bicycle Association quarterly meeting in West Palm Beach, where I had been invited as a […]

Bike Games

At our meet-up last Friday at B3s, we all sat around telling stories.  Somehow I was reminded of telling a story about a bike game we used to play when I was a kid ….. In my neighborhood, there were 13 boys and only 1 girl, all around the same age.  We did everything and […]

Are Cyclist “better” Drivers?

Do you think cyclists are, in general, “better” drivers of vehicles?  (I guess it depends on your definition of “better”, but hear me out) … Today I had to take my car in to work (errands that I could not perform by bike).   After turning off of S.R 436 (Semoran) onto Highway 50, I moved […]

Note to Businesses: Target Market to Cyclists!!

I was reading one of the links that Mighk gave in one of the comments to Keri’s post on “smart advocacy” and what the Borough of Hackney (in London) is doing with their cycling plan. It’s a good read. I really liked the examples of cycling advocates forming coalitions with other groups such as Environmental, […]

Mentor Program Gets Started with New Forum

We have installed a forum on Commute Orlando to allow for more discussions and to provide a format for connecting ride buddies and mentors. If you haven’t already, go take a look-see … register yourself and set up a profile. Use the forums to ask questions, find ride buddies, offer your services as a mentor, […]

“Urban Legends” of Cycling (Motorist Pamphlet)

Recently I had the idea of compiling a list of “urban legends” — maybe there is a better word or phrase — that many motorists tend to think or say about seeing us cycling on the road. I was thinking … maybe to organize this into some kind of pamphlet that could be given out […]


A while back, we all talked about what could be done to get more people involved in using their bicycles.  While we had lots of interesting discussion on infrastructure ideas, gasoline prices affecting ridership, and such, I felt we were missing something. Doing a little further reading, I found several cities who had instituted a […]