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Vests – bad for cycling?

  So …………………. the wife wants to get me this for a X-mas present.  And it’s a nice vest, lightweight, and very reflective (here is the actual link to the product).  I have no doubt it would increase my visibility on the road. But ….. is this bad for cycling? By wearing this, am I […]

Combinations Cause Crashes — Situational Awareness

As I swerved to miss the pedestrian — who had stopped, started, turned, and then walked backwards at the intersection all without seeing me approach — I had all my attention on making sure I did not startle (or hit!) the person right in front of me. What I forgot was to watch for turning […]

Traffic, Civility and the Monkeysphere Effect

I came across an interesting  read the other day.  It has to do with Monkeys, philosophy, social interaction, biology, small business development, gaming, and several other areas of diverse interest.  I thought about trying to explain it shorthand, but it makes for better understanding if you just go read it in full. Go ahead, read it […]

What Would You Say?

Many of you have posted here or in our Forums of drivers that have accosted you in some way.  Sometimes it’s a honk.  Sometimes a yelled comment (“get on the sidewalk!”).  Sometimes, hopefully rarely, it’s something more serious than that (a verbalized threat, or using their car in a deliberately dangerous manner). We’ve all talked […]

Advocacy – What Comes First?

Why is there always so much acrimony whenever anyone starts talking about creating/using bike lanes?  And why are there so many cries of  “you’re crazy” and “you’ll never convince new riders” whenever Vehicular Cycling is mentioned?  And we all know that many motorists would just prefer that we disappear and stay out of their way.  […]

“Unsafe” Roads for Cyclists?

Before anyone checks, I’ve probably used the same term before, but I think it’s time cyclists examine the term “unsafe” when we talk about roads… and quit using it. A better term would be “risky,” but not for the reasons you might think. Risk is created by behavior. Some risk can come from the behavior of […]

PBS Documentary: Road to the Future

I don’t know if any of you had a chance to catch this series on your local PBS station …. I did, and it was interesting and informative.  Of course some will quibble over the minutia, but I thought it did a even-handed job of describing … well, let me just let the series explain […]

Bike to Work Day with the Mayor

Friday May 22 was the official Bike to Work Day, and Mayor of Orlando Buddy Dye takes the day to ride in with fellow cyclists in the morning.   Given the wind and rain this week, I wasn’t sure what kind of weather we’d get or how many cyclists would show …. but as it turned out we […]