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Celebrating Bike2Work Day – Bike Bus

By now you’ve probably heard about the Mayor’s ride on Friday morning. It starts at 8:30 AM from the College Park Starbucks. A group of us (BOBbies and Flamingos) will be starting at Lake Howell and Howell Branch (use the Dollar General as a gathering place for those from parts north) at 7:30. All are […]

Positive Thoughts, Positive Experiences… Could it be that simple?

In my internet travels this evening, I came across this gem of a post on Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog: Fear and Negativity: Don’t even think about it Dave says: I quit watching the news on TV because it is so negative and depressing… The problem is, being constantly fed a diet of fear and negativity; […]

Cycling Smackdown at the Bowling Alley

Cyclists are known for raising money for all kinds of great causes — Cancer, Diabetes and MS Research, the Boys and Girls Club, Bikes for Kids, etc. Now we have a chance to raise money for something near and dear to us — motorist education. How many chances do you get to win a bike, […]

Mellow Johnny’s: Lance Aims to Create Bike Culture in Austin

Did I mention Momentum? The 36-year-old cycling star who brought back road racing in America is now building a cultural mecca for bike lovers. writes Rhiannon Coppin in Shifting Priorities. Just in time for bike week, Lance’s new bike shop/commuter station opened today in downtown Austin. The facility will include secure bike parking, showers and […]

Get Your T-Shirt for Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work T-Shirts are available Bike Works, Orange Cycle and David’s World. The license plate image is printed on the front and the back has my favorite slogan: Same Roads, Same Rights, Same Rules. And the 3-foot law. Here’s a photo. Lets all make a statement next week and wear these shirts around town […]

A Visit to a Bike Culture Town • Part I

Pedal to Properties uses cruiser bikes to show Real Estate in Boulder, CO. Boulder’s bike culture is intoxicating! Imagine, walking down the street and seeing bike racks every ten feet, filled with every kind and configuration of bicycle, from messenger-style fixies and new retro Townies to antique Schwinns and hybrid workhorses with xtracycles and trailers. […]

Gas Prices Rattle Americans

… screams today’s USA Today cover story about how high prices are pushing us into new routines and transportation choices. The Berry family of Atlantic Beach, FL have declared “no car days” on Saturdays. If Mike, his wife, Lori, or daughters Katie and Kendall need to go to the library or store, they climb on […]

Feel the Momentum

Typically, bicycle news stories pick up in the spring as daylight hours increase and weather becomes hospitable for cycling in most of the U.S. However, this year there were plenty of winter stories of intrepid bike commuters making their way though the snow and ice. This spring’s surge of bike commuting stories bears a much […]

Welcome to Commute Orlando!

This site is dedicated to Orlando Metro Area cyclists who are currently using their bikes for transportation, or want to. Commuting by bike is a great way to save money, get exercise, unwind and feel like you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment. There are lots of factors to consider when planning to […]