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Media Enhances Momentum

Google Alerts brings me a daily barrage of articles on bike commuting. I’d like to say I read them all, but I don’t have time. I skim for interesting headlines and uniques stories, and I look for patterns. This year’s pattern is obvious—as I’ve written before, it’s gas prices. Here are some recent headlines and […]

St. Pete: Green Bike Initiative

An initiative has begun to put Public Utility Bikes (PUBs) on the streets of St. Pete. This will be a traditional bike-share program, similar to the ones originating in Europe in the 1970s and tried in a few US cities in the 1990s. The plan is to station bright green bikes at “art racks” around […]

Video: Riding Big and Getting Space

In Southern California, the car is king. Many places people need to go are connected by freeways or multi-lane arterial roads. Sound familiar? What’s a bicycle driver to do in such a car-dominant environment?

FAQ: Can They Cross the Double Yellow Line?

The artwork for the 3ft law PSA (donated by KCI) was unveiled last night at the Smackdown. Susan Fortini (FastSigns) generously donated a banner to hang over the lanes. The art has brought up numerous questions and comments about the car crossing the double yellow line. That’s perfect! It means we’re communicating a very important […]

Smackdown Rocks Winter Park Bowl America

Cyclists took over the Winter Park Bowl America this evening to raise money for a campaign to increase motorist awareness. The event was a stunning success, exceeding the expectations of its organizers—Carol Stevens and Mary Shanklin.

Lessons from Mission Street

Santa Cruz, CA In the past year, two experienced cyclists were killed on Mission Street. Both were riding near the curb in a lane too narrow to share. Both were hit by trucks. In recent weeks there has been a battle between cycling advocates and police/city officials to have Bikes May Use Full Lane (BMUFL) […]

Commuter Company Profile: LaserVue

The LaserVue team on Bike2Work Day: Dr. Magruder, Dr. Harris, Cassie Abear, Tamara Driesse & Bailey Magruder The enthusiasm of a bike commuter is infectious! When long-time bike commuter Brock Magruder, Jr. built his new surgery center, he made sure to provide a shower and secure bike parking. Now two more of his staff have […]

New Features

Gallery I’ve added a photo gallery to this site. It works like other web galleries, but it’s hosted here. This is for Orlando cyclists to post photos of bikes, equipment, cool stuff you see on your commute, bike trips, events, whatever. The gallery is open to the community — all our readers. Please share your […]

Bike2Work Day Celebration

What a blast! Our Pink Bike Bus started from Lake Howell & Howell Branch at 7:30 a.m. sharp with 3 Flamingos and 2 BOBbies. We picked up 2 more BOBbies en route. There were lots of thumbs-up from motorists today. ‘Cause hey, we looked hot! We rolled into College Park at 8:10 to find an […]

B3 Celebrates Bike2Work Day!

Our friends at Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux are celebrating Bike2Work Day, too. They’ll be busy serving breakfast while we ride with the Mayor, but they’re offering a 15% discount on your order if you show up on a bike! Thanks B3!