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Singing in the Rain

I ignored the weather forecast and chose to ride again today. When I looked at the radar before heading home, it looked like the worst rain was east of my route, and blowing east. It was ten til 7 and pretty gloomy, so I turned on my headlight, tail light and helmet blinkies and headed […]

Be the Prius… or the Cyclist

I was planning to write something on this topic, and coincidentally, my Aunt forwarded me this Op Ed from the New York Times. In Be the Prius, Tom Vanderbilt tells us: In Europe, where gas prices are often more than twice what they are here, eco-driving has become mandatory in the driving curriculums in Germany, […]

Winery Employees Pedal at Work

Yes, on a tour of a winery, I took pictures of bicycles. The Woodbridge Winery property in Lodi, CA covers a square mile… too far for walking, but silly short to drive a car. So Woodbridge has a rack of bicycles for employees to use for getting around the property. Woodbridge was our second rest […]

Commuter Rail Dreams

I just returned from a week of cycling across California (from the Sierras to San Fransisco). This is the second time I’ve done this trip… and I love it so much, I’ll probably do it again. When I did the ride 2 years ago, the host hotel in San Jose was a Hampton in the […]

Bike Commuter’s Fantasy

Most of us would be thrilled to have a shower at the office. Imagine having a locker room, secure bike parking, free emergency taxi service, bus passes. That would be great! How ’bout a free bike (with fenders, lights, rack & helmet thrown in), and free classes on bike handling and roadside maintenance. Need a […]

And another reason to go by bike…

The Lakeland Ledger has an article today on the increasing popularity of using bikes for transportation. Several commuters are interviewed, this is my favorite: Everyone commutes in the Smith household, whether it’s to school or work. Everett Smith began biking the nearly four miles to work at Lockheed Martin in October. He and his daughter, […]

A good week on the bike

Cartoon from Yehuda Moon by Rick Smith. After driving to West Palm last Saturday, I was determined not to touch my car until Thursday (when I knew I would need it). I rode 4 of 5 days, ran errands on the way home and only used the car on Thursday. I’m getting used to the […]

Learn the tricks of changing a flat

Free Tube-changing Clinic June 11 6:45-8 PM. Out-Spoke’N Bike Shop 4279 W. Lake Mary Blvd. Lake Mary, FL 32707 We all dread having our forward motion stopped by the ominous hissing of a flat tire. But, a flat doesn’t have to mean the end of your ride or that it costs you 30 minutes to […]

MSNBC: Pedal Power

On “Today at the Pump” MSNBC reported from the Pinellas Trail about the upsurge in bike commuters nationwide. Houston (which must track these things) has seen a 33% increase in bike commuters! They show full bike racks in West Palm. I was there last weekend and not only were the racks full, there were bikes […]

Overcoming obstacles with a “hybrid commute”

An informative article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette offers examples of how bike commuters overcome scary arterial roads, long distances and even hills by devising hybrid commute solutions. League Cycling Instructor, Tom Ezell, avoids a narrow 2-lane highway with aggressive drivers by driving part way and riding the rest. “So what I do is drive […]