Carshare is coming to Orlando

From our friends at ReThink:

Downtown residents, visitors and commuters have more options thanks to a new carshare program beginning in Orlando this fall.

Under the no-cost contract, Hertz 24/7 will be providing carshare services at six locations in the City of Orlando. The contract is through the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and will be promoted by reThink, the region’s commuter assistance program.The carshare program provides commuters access to vehicles rented by the hour, allowing drivers to run errands or attend meetings. The vehicles are also available to Downtown Orlando residents who have chosen a “car-lite” lifestyle but still need occasional access to a car. Rates will start around $8 an hour depending on the type of vehicle rented and will include gas, maintenance, parking, and insurance.Starting this fall, the initial locations will be:

  • CNL parking garage near Orlando City Hall (2 vehicles)
  • Surface parking lot under I-4 at N. Hughey Ave. and W. Central Blvd. (2 vehicles)
  • Creative Village (2 vehicles)
  • Thornton Park (2 vehicles)
  • Landmark Center (2 vehicles)
  • Florida Hospital Orlando Campus (2 vehicles)

Carshare programs have been operational for many years in other major cities across the United States, including Boston, New York City, and Miami. The FDOT has partnered with the City of Orlando to launch the Central Florida carshare program to provide mobility options to transit riders and others in the urban core.

Plans for expanding the program beyond the City of Orlando depend upon the success of this program, as well as interest from other municipalities that have the employment and residential density to continue the program at no cost to the FDOT.

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  1. Vincent H
    Vincent H says:

    The carshare program that will be available at Florida Hospital Orlando will allow me to consider moving from a two-car family to a single car family – a radical step for us given two working parents with a five- and two-year old. While it’s relatively easy for me to bicycle commute with children from home in Baldwin Park to FH Orlando, the barrier necessitating a private vehicle to travel to offsite meetings appears to be solved, and LYNX in its current form has not been able to be a viable alternative. We will see how this goes…

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