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  1. What do you mean “handle it”?

    • Agreed: that’s terrible writing. Rachel, honey, did nobody teach you to avoid “there are”? Put a character in subject position and action in verb position — boom, there you go.

      • What do you mean “Agreed”? I was just asking for clarification on what points Eric had problems with in the article and what he wanted someone from UCF to do. I wasn’t criticizing it.

        • You covered things very well in your reply, Marcus.

          Maybe she can interview you for a better story.

  2. I’m frankly quite surprised and not a little disappointed by the seeming lack of interest by the UCF staff in improving the cycling and walking environment around the campus. It’s a major negative and one that should be addressed with high priority. There are abundant resources for solving any and all problems. There is no lack of resources and talented people in the area to help. What’s lacking is the vision, leadership and political will to make the needed changes. Students and faculty should demand the cycling and pedestrian environment they deserve. Let’s all pile on and make it happen.