Cycle Chic-less for the Holidaze

I come from a long line of fashion-challenged individuals. Up in the mountains of Appalachia or down in the swamplands of Florida, we didn’t spend a great deal of time worrying about how we might someday be expected to dress fashionably to ride a bicycle. I’ve tried to ignore whole Cycle Chic movement. If Mikael Colville-Andersen could ride his bike on the roads in Orlando traffic, while fashionably dressed and wearing high heels, with temperature and humidity in the mid-nineties, then I might pay attention. Until then, forget it.

But, it’s that festive time of year, and I do have the ultimate holiday sweater:












If this isn’t perfect for the Commute Orlando First Friday Ride tonight, I don’t know what is.  But alas! Once again, the weather forecast indicates that it will be to be too warm tonight to wear this masterpiece sweater.

But it looks like it will be warm enough to wear lighted flip flops!


And it doesn’t get much more chic than that. At least not here.

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  1. Ed W
    Ed W says:

    I’m the kind of guy who wears stripes with plaids, loud Hawaiian shirts, Bermuda shorts, and (gasp!) work boots. Style is not a consideration. My daughter sometimes refuses to be seen in public with me.

    But one of my coworkers made some derisive comments about my appearance in cycling attire when it was over 100F here in Oklahoma. “It’s just not cool!” he said.

    Another one said, “Ed goes out and does exactly what he wants to do. He doesn’t give a damn what you think. And THAT is cool!”

    Gosh, it’s been 60 years, but now I’m somebody!

    Live for yourself, not the expectations of someone else.

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