Ride a Bullitt and Other Awesome Bikes at SE Cycling Expo

SouthEast Cycling Expo is this Saturday! I will give a short presentation on utility cycling at 11:20, followed by Q&A. But here’s what I’m most excited about:

I get to ride a Bullitt! And you can, too!

Kasper’s Cargos will have Bullitt bikes in the demo area. I’m really stoked about this because I’ve wanted to see one of these up close for a long time.

There will be all kinds of other great bikes there, too. I understand Xtracycle is coming with Retro City Cycles. They have some cool new products this year, including a groovy sidecar (want!). I hope we’ll get to see that this weekend, too.

Mighk, Diana and I will be manning a table for FBA, CyclingSavvy and CommuteOrlando. Come visit us!

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  1. Tom Armstrong
    Tom Armstrong says:

    I’ve been cyber-drooling over the Xtracycle sidecar for a while, too. Their new bags look good in the video, but if I bought them, I would keep my current bag set for most-of-the-time use. Perhaps.

    As you know from owning a Big Dummy, it is a compelling bike. I knew I would like it, having assembled one for a customer a year before getting my own, but I was not expecting to like it as much as I do.

    A friend here in Louisville has a box bike that was made in Portland Oregon (I think). I’ve ridden it in a parking lot, but haven’t played with it loaded and in traffic. She uses it quite a bit, sometimes pulling a short Bikes at Work trailer for extra capacity (on a bike move, for example).

    I’m looking forward to reading your impressions on the Bullitt.

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