The Pioneer of Women’s Specific Bicycles

Twenty-three years ago, my 4’10” girlfriend wanted a road bike. After much research, she found Terry Bicycles and bought the one with the 700C wheel in the back and 24″ in the front. It was the only adult bike she could find that fit her. If not for Georgena Terry, she may have been stuck with a child’s bicycle.

I love this quote:

I hope I am part of a movement that encourages women to think for themselves, and to come at problems from an intellectual standpoint and not from an emotional standpoint.

That’s a worthy movement!

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    Or, we women could focus more on looking “chic,” based upon the fashion tastes of a certain Danish photographer/videographer/cycling consultant. We could put our efforts into riding in fashionable outfits, including spike heels and skirts. We could add dress-guards to our bicycles, and practice riding with one hand in our lap to keep our skirts from revealing more we wish. Maybe we could bring back corsets. It’s all about lookin’ good… as we pedal along the sidewalks of Orlando on our pretty pink cruisers. Gack!

    Georgena Terry is remarkable.

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