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Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in Uncategorized | 11 comments

Prayers for Nick

I’m passing on this announcement from the David’s World Cycle family:

We are sending out a huge prayer request for our very own Nick Vollman from the College Park store. Please please pray for Nick. He was involved in a terrible bicycle accident. There is tremendous power in prayers and we are asking that everyone please pray for Nick’s speedy recovery!

No details on the crash. It happened on Edgewater Drive. Nick is in the ICU at ORMC. He’s seriously injured. Please send prayers, healing thoughts, positive energy… whatever you got!


  1. Prayers offered for Nick, his family and friends. For the doctors and hospital staff. For healing, strength, and mercy.

  2. Sending hopeful thoughts and prayers that Nick makes a speedy recovery!

    • I’m pretty sure it is.

  3. Here’s hoping Nick recovers quickly and is back on his bike before anyone expects!

  4. We are playing hard for Nick here in Milford….His Aunt Sandy has put out the word……..

  5. Is there anything we can /actually/ do to help?

    • Nicolas,

      I have asked Yvette at David’s World to please let us know if there is something the community can do. As soon as there is a call to action, I will post it!

      • Thanks, I appreciate it.

    • Thank you, Greg