My Bike Was Stolen!

It’s my own damn fault. I pulled in with a 30lb bag of potting soil on Sunday afternoon, parked the bike and came upstairs to cool off for a minute. I was so overheated that, well, a minute became a few hours and I decided I would deal with the potting later. But I forgot that I had not locked the bike. Then I got busy with a project and I didn’t go out again until this afternoon… when I walked downstairs to discover a sickeningly empty stairwell where my bike is usually locked securely. There was the lock, as I’d left it. The thief took the bike, the trailer and the potting soil.

I’ve filed a police report, but there is not much I can do otherwise except keep an eye out for it. And humbly ask, Dear Readers, if you would do the same. My bike is distinctive and easy to recognize.

It’s a Surly Long Haul Trucker — Olive Green (I bought it in Sept 2008).

It’s appointed with Brooks honey leather bar tape, B-17s saddle, Brooks tool bag and Brooks mudflap. It has black Planet Bike fenders, a JANDD Expedition rack, a trailer hitch on the rear skewer and a Cannondale rear-mounted kickstand (yes, I know Surly doesn’t approve of the kickstand).

It was ordered as a full bike, so it has the standard equipment, except, I hated the traditional cantilever brakes it came with and swapped them out for more powerful linear-pull brakes (shown in the photo on the right).

Also on the bike were the Incredibell, Trek headlight and Topeak Morph pump you can see in that photo.

The trailer is an Avenir Cargo Trialer.

I would be so grateful if you could keep an eye out for my bike. If you see it, contact OPD, or me. I have a temporary report number T11003328 (I’ll update this with a permanent one if I get it). My phone number is 407-758-4543

Thank you!


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  1. Tom Armstrong
    Tom Armstrong says:

    Sometimes, in such situations, one must resort to paraphrasing The Bard: A POX on bicycle thieves and all their houses!

    I’m a bit far away to expect to see it (Kentucky), but I hope you get it back soon!

    RANTWICK says:

    Keri, that just blows. I sincerely hope the thief is stupid enough to leave it in its current, distinctive, setup and that you retrieve it. I’ll keep an eye out here in Canada!

  3. John Schubert,
    John Schubert, says:

    Keri, this utterly stinks. A bike that beautful should be in your possession for your entire life.

  4. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    I am so sorry. Maybe they’ll keep the soil and dump the bike in front or a PD. It does serve as a lesson to us you’d rather not teach. Interesting that yours came with cantis you changed to linear pulls and mine came with linear pulls I changed to cantis.

  5. JohnB
    JohnB says:

    That sucks, sorry to hear it. I’ve had a bike stolen too, only a few weeks after I bought it. My fault too. It’s a horrible feeling. Good luck.

  6. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    I also had a bike stolen, when I was a kid. It was an AMF Roadmaster with narrow, 26″ wheels and a steel Huret derailleur. It was also unlocked, though in my defense I did not own a lock. Some things, given time, are for the best. Now, I have to be careful which lock I buy so I can keep the keys distinct.

  7. Keri
    Keri says:

    Thanks, all of you, for the kind words. I’m so bummed and mad at myself. I’ve owned a lot more expensive bikes than the LHT, but I’ve never loved the feel of any of them like that one.

    I spent the afternoon trudging around to pawn shops. Keeping an eye on craigslist and ebay.

  8. Greyryder
    Greyryder says:

    To take one from Joss Whedon and Sheppard Book: Bike thieves will go to a special place in hell, reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theater.

  9. Tim
    Tim says:

    No way – say it ain’t so! I love that bike so much, even I feel violated. You know, they used to hang horse thieves… I’ll hit the pawn shops and flea markets up this way, and let you know if I see it. Can you send me the serial number?

  10. Eric
    Eric says:

    Since I live sort of nearby, I will take a swing through the neighborhoods. Good thing you have plenty of photos.

  11. Billy Hattaway
    Billy Hattaway says:

    I am so very sorry. I will be on the lookout and ready to swoop down on the perpetrator and kick their #*!#. That is awful.

  12. drummergeek
    drummergeek says:

    Keri, this may be helpful info for you about pawn shops.

    I had a bike stolen out of my garage and went looking for it at pawn shops over that weekend. One pawnshop owner told me to file a police report (like you did). She said that pawn shops are not allowed to put any new bikes out for a month after acquisition, and that they receive the police reports on stolen bikes. Not sure if the pawn shop owners actually check those reports.

    Anyway, probably thieves know this as well and would not take your bike to a pawnshop…

    I’m very sorry your bike was stolen. It really sucks when someone takes something that you put so much love and effort into; all the little adjustments and tweaks and accessories you do/add to make it suit your purposes and life.

    I’m sorry…

  13. Eric
    Eric says:

    Here is an idea. Friend of mine recovered his bike that was stolen 18 months prior. He was at the Monday night market at Stardust and saw a young man riding it. So maybe you can make up some flyers to pass out there?

  14. tony baldick
    tony baldick says:

    Put posters everywhere. $200 reward, no questions asked. Hell, the Brook’s saddle and seat bag cost that much. Maybe make the reward $300. Also, go with the TRP’s CX9 brakes next time.

  15. danc
    danc says:

    Sorry for your loss, does your home/renters insurance cover stolen items? Check out Bicycling and the Law, Chapter 6 “What you need to know about Bicycle Theft” [page 255-287] there might be a few tidbits not covered above.

  16. Kevin Love
    Kevin Love says:

    So sorry to hear this bad news. Bicycle theft is a crime of personal violation. Call me paranoid about locking up my Pashley with multiple locks, but I’ve still got my bike.

    For all the “just a minute” tasks, the rear wheel lock is incredibly convenient and easy. This can be added as an aftermarket item to bikes that don’t have one factory-installed. I highly recommend the AXA Defender. See:

  17. Vincent H
    Vincent H says:

    Keri, so sorry to hear about that. Will keep my eyes open. Do you need a bicycle for temporary use? You are welcome to borrow my Trek commuting bike for as long as you need; not quite as grand as Surly but still extremely functional.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Thanks Vincent!

      And thanks for the kind offer. I have a mountain bike with a rack on it. Diana also brought me a loaner city bike and a trailer to use for the time being.

      Over 160 people have shared this on facebook. When I took fliers around to the stores, everyone had seen the post already. It makes me feel better that so many people are aware and looking out for it.

  18. Keri
    Keri says:

    My bike has been recovered! It was taken in to Bike Works on East Colonial for service and the mechanic recognized it. More details soon.

  19. Tim
    Tim says:

    Yay – congratulations!! Is she okay? Anything removed or otherwise altered? I’d be very interested in hearing more details of the recovery when you get a chance – inquiring minds want to know!

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