Yay Orlando! Another Successful First Friday Ride.

After being rained out repeatedly all summer, we finally had a perfect evening for a perfect First Friday ride! Fall came a little early, too with temps in the mid 80s and humidity below 60%. The turnout was the best ever. We formed 2 groups and rode the same loop, with one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise so we passed each-other midway. As usual, the rides were flawless — motorists were cooperative and civil.

For those who have never seen it first hand, it might be hard to believe that a group of 16 cyclists could control a lane at 10mph on an arterial road at rush hour and cause no disruption in traffic and no incivility. In Orlando, no less. The city that keeps getting a black eye for its atrocious pedestrian statistics. Bicycle drivers aren’t peds. And Orlando is a fine place to drive a bicycle. In a group or alone. Believe.

After the ride, about half of us went to Ethos for dinner. We filled the bike corral and had to take over a few sign posts. It was reported to me that a couple walked by and said, “Oh! That’s what those things are for!.”

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  1. danc
    danc says:

    Thanks for the ride report. Splitting the riders into two groups, great idea!

    Dayton, Ohio “Courteous Mass” ride was last night, ~20 riders and a temperature of 97 F. The ride leader was split from the group at the first light, timing is everything. A fun ride was still mustered by all.

    • Keri
      Keri says:

      Our lead rider watches the ped countdown clock to see if the group will make the light. If it’s winding down the leader slows. We have a second leader in the back to handle lane changes. If the group does get split by a light, there is still one leader there. The front people slow until the others catch up. I’ve found 16 is about the max for getting through intersections at 10mph without getting split. I was in the back last night and just made it a couple times.

  2. Monica Harry
    Monica Harry says:

    It looks like you all had a great time. I’ll eventually make one . . . maybe October? The comment about “So that’s what those things are for” really made me laugh.

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