Good Works

San Diego Police Department to Train Officers on Cyclists’ Rights and Laws

Within the next two weeks, all patrol officers in the City of San Diego will receive training on the full text of CVC 21202, the bicycle law that applies to cyclists in California. This section of the vehicle code is the one that addresses where cyclists can be positioned when riding on the street and the specific exceptions to the code that have been the subject of two citations we’ve written about here. This has been the section of the vehicle code that has been oft cited when bicyclists in San Diego have been ticketed. Not surprisingly, the lack of understanding of the vehicle code has been a source of much consternation among the region’s cyclists. But with this new training, the patrol officers in the City of San Diego will now be better able to serve the region’s cyclists.

Nice work, Sam Ollinger!

Closer to home, CyclingSavvy instructor Jeff Hohlstein has been making inroads with law enforcement Jacksonville. Jeff will share the story with us soon.

In new drivers manual, MVA gets something right

MVA has a new version of its Maryland Drivers Manual out on the street, and the section on bicycles is clear and well-stated.

Many of us received our licenses at a time when driver’s education hardly mentioned the subject of co-existing with bicycles. So what the MVA wrote is worth reviewing.

Credit should go to the agency for reaching out to bicycle advocacy groups for help in drafting this section.

Check it out!