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  1. When you can’t imagine building “proper Dutch bicycle infrastructure” you get real, and get riding.

  2. Or, when you’ve already got a lot of proper Dutch bicycle infrastructure, like in Montreal, you make a rap video about your BIXI bike.

    There’s something about three lilly-white (pun definitely intended!) Quebecois doing a rap video…

    • Where’s that infrastructure, I only see some rapping white dudes riding down the street.

  3. Or for those who don’t like rap, an elgaic music video from Denmark:

  4. During his recent visit to Toronto, I was privileged to hear a presentation by Gil Penalosa about Bogota, Columbia.

    Being a poor third world country, in many parts of the city they could not afford to build car infrastructure. Just bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Darn good stuff, too.

    Gil showed us things like photos of rubble-strewn, unpaved crappy roads for cars next to immaculate first-class bicycle roads. His comment: “We couldn’t afford to build all the roads for cars, and bicycle roads are so much cheaper.”

    They’ve got their priorities right!

    See an example at 2:38 here: