Sharrows being tested in Miami Beach

Here is the article.

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  1. NE2
    NE2 says:

    Have editorial standards really fallen this low? The example photo in “Charolotte, NC”[sic] is a bike lane, not a sharrow.

  2. Guy
    Guy says:

    DAVID SMILEY is not very knowledgeable about cycling law or best practices.
    Cyclists have always had leeway to drive in the center of the lane. If the lane is not wide enough for another vehicle to pass safely within the same lane. Drivers of other vehicles must change lanes to pass not merely veer into the other lane.

  3. JAT in Seattle
    JAT in Seattle says:

    I don’t want to jinx it by mentioning it, but the comments section over there at is remarkably civil and accommodating. Any article on cycling infrastructure here in the bikier-than-thou west brings out rivers of virulent cliche-ridden hate within minutes.

      • JAT in Seattle
        JAT in Seattle says:

        backlash, yes, and specifically a schism between densely populated politically influential and liberal urban areas with bike-riding mayors and city council members pushing for spending on bike infrastructure in greater metropolitan areas which are essentially rural (or deluding themselves into thinking they’re rural/wild west…) with a strong anti-tax / anti-regulation biases.

        You can absolutley count on any bike related news story generating the following anti-bike memes: scofflaws blowing through stop lights; don’t pay taxes; impeding traffic; Lance wannabes; I shouldn’t have to look at your ass crammed into spandex (it’s always “spandex”, never lycra)

        • NE2
          NE2 says:

          “scofflaws blowing through stop lights”
          simple response to that: how many motorists yield to pedestrians at unmarked crosswalks? Most likely a much lower proportion than cyclists who stop at red lights.

      • JAT in Seattle
        JAT in Seattle says:

        Ooh, I forgot one: it’s simple physics, in a crash between a car and a bike the car wins, therefore I’m right and you’re insane.

  4. Will
    Will says:

    “Bettin said the markings are also to alert motorists that cyclists will be veering further onto the roadway. By law, she said, drivers must stay three feet from cyclists, meaning they will often have to swerve into the left lane to pass a cyclist and may occasionally have to drive slowly and patiently behind bicyclists.”

    A lot of veering and swerving going on for what should be simple road maneuvers.

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