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  1. *tips hat, and raises glass* I hope I could be at least half as strong, in such a situation.

    On a side note, there’s something about those ‘bent trikes that has always made me want to try one.

    • Greyryder, the trikes rock! Stix let me ride his around a parking lot and I’ve been trying to figure out how I could justify buying one ever since 😉

      • And just wait until you ride Judy’s trike around on the streets for a while, you will really want to figure out how to justify one, then!

  2. Great News! The “Ride With Larry” Team has reached their minimum goal of raising $ 50,000 to fund the documentary about Larry Smith’s ride across South Dakota – approximately 300 miles. Local riders will accompany Larry on the last leg – 60 miles from Sioux Falls, ND to Vermillion, ND his hometown. The ride will be taking place in June. As with any project, they can always use for funds and are accepting donations until February 1st at this site –